BSA/AML Compliance and Fraud Detection Pocketbook Series
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Debit Card Fraud Detection for Dummies Debit Card Fraud Detection

This booklet reveals the sophisticated methods criminals use to commit debit card fraud. It shares tips on how to prevent card fraud using advanced technologies such as Common Point of Compromise detection.

Verafin for Dummies Anti-Financial Crime Software

We've brought everything about Verafin, one of North America's leading BSA/AML compliance & fraud detection software platforms, into one simple book! Learn why over 800 institutions on 65 core systems use Verafin.

CTR for Dummies Complete CTRs Correctly

You know how tricky filing currency transaction reports can be. This helpful book provides step-by-step instructions for completing the form, and explores how automating the CTR process could save you valuable time and money.

FRAML for Dummies FRAML = FRaud Detection + AML

FRAML™ is the combination of fraud detection and anti-money laundering efforts. This guide explains how bringing them together results in efficiencies and improved financial crime-fighting effectiveness.


With FinCEN changing the SAR form, this book highlights what's new and helps you make the transition.

NOTE: The release of this book is delayed while we await FinCEN's final changes.

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