Fraud Detection & BSA/AML Compliance eBook Series
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Lighten your workload with the help of these up-to-date guides to BSA reporting!
Suspicious Activity Reporting for Dummies Cover

Suspicious Activity Reporting for Dummies®

This handy reference guide walks you through the process of filling out your SAR accurately and efficiently and offers tips on how to spot and track potential money laundering activities.

Look inside for helpful advice on how to make your AML workflow more efficient, save on costs, and streamline your institution’s monitoring and reporting processes with automated SAR e-filing.

Currency Transaction Reporting for Dummies Cover

Currency Transaction Reporting for Dummies®

Let’s face it: BSA compliance and risk management professionals know only too well how frustrating and time-consuming filing currency transaction reports can be!

This up-to-date eBook helps you understand the latest FinCEN CTR updates and provides information on the benefits of reporting automation.

Debit Card Fraud Detection for Dummies Debit Card Fraud Detection

This booklet reveals the sophisticated methods criminals use to commit debit card fraud. It shares tips on how to prevent card fraud using advanced technologies such as Common Point of Compromise detection.

Remote Banking Fraud for Dummies Remote Banking Fraud Prevention

Financial institutions need to be increasingly proactive when combating online scams. This eBook helps you understand how the criminals operate, investigates real cases of fraud, and gives the lowdown on how Verafin can help safeguard your financial institution.

FRAML for Dummies FRAML = FRaud Detection + AML

FRAML™ is the combination of fraud detection and anti-money laundering efforts. This guide explains how bringing them together results in efficiencies and improved financial crime-fighting effectiveness.

Verafin for Dummies Anti-Financial Crime Software

We've brought everything about Verafin, one of North America's leading BSA/AML compliance & fraud detection software platforms, into one simple book! Learn why over 1000 financial institutions use Verafin.


Verafin is a leading Fraud Detection and BSA/AML Compliance software solution. Over 1000 financial institutions rely on Verafin's FRAML™ solution to protect themselves and their customers against financial crime.

FRAML = FRaud detection + Anti-Money Laundering

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